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Know The New DUI Law


Illinois has a new law designed to offer the public more protection from intoxicated drivers. Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) will become more common in Illinois as a result. The measure prohibits any driver with two or more DUI convictions from operating a vehicle unless it has an ignition interlock device installed. The devices – essentially breathalyzers linked to ignition switches – require drivers to “blow” to prove they are sober before a vehicle will start. If you’re charged with DUI in the greater Chicago area, fight the charge with the assistance of an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer.

The proposal, which became law in August, eliminates drivers’ license suspensions for many DUI offenders except those responsible for accidents causing great bodily harm or death – those drivers still have to wait a year before they can drive under any circumstances. Research conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has determined that IIDs are far more effective than drivers’ license suspensions when it comes to keeping DUI offenders off the road. Of the convicted DUI offenders whose licenses are suspended, NIAAA says that more than half of them continue driving even without licenses. IIDs dramatically reduce that number. The new law, State Senator Jason Barickman of Bloomington said, “will help stop drunk drivers before they enter our roads.”

An IID is slightly larger than a cigarette pack. Once installed, the IID requires a driver’s breath sample before the car will start. If the device finds alcohol on the breath, the engine will not turn over. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that IIDs are effective and accurate more than 90 percent of the time. Still, being forced to “blow” every time that you start your car is something you want to avoid. If you’re arrested and charged with DUI in or near Chicago, make the call promptly and put an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer to work advocating for justice on your behalf.

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