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Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer

The experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyers at the Bentz Holguin Law Firm offer bankruptcy counsel and representation to consumers and small business owners who can no longer manage the burden of their debts. If you are considering bankruptcy anywhere in the Chicago area, speak right away with a good Chicago bankruptcy lawyer at the Bentz Holguin Law Firm.

Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

There’s no rule about when or for whom bankruptcy is right. A good Chicago bankruptcy lawyer will evaluate your individual circumstances before suggesting any particular legal alternative. In some circumstances bankruptcy is the only option; in other cases, another approach may be less expensive and equally favorable. Contact the Bentz Holguin Law Firm, and a good Chicago bankruptcy lawyer can help you make the right decision.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common bankruptcy; all of a person’s unsecured debts (such as credit card debt, medical debts, car repossession, or home foreclosure judgments) are liquidated. Chapter 7 is primarily for those without income or with income insufficient to satisfy their debts.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires attention to detail in drafting an acceptable plan, negotiating with creditors, and dealing with the Chapter 13 Trustee’s office. Furthermore, if you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to maintain your home or other assets, it’s imperative to have guidance from an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer. Otherwise, a simple mistake can cost dearly.

Chicago bankruptcy lawyerA Chapter 7 bankruptcy may remain on your credit record for ten years; a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is customarily for removed after seven. Surprisingly, bankruptcy can actually improve your credit score, but it can rarely erase all of a person’s debts. Unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills, auto repossessions, and foreclosure judgments can be erased or discharged, but other unsecured debts cannot be. That’s another reason bankruptcy candidates need to consult with a good Chicago bankruptcy lawyer at the Bentz Holguin Law Firm.

Contact our Experienced Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers Today

It costs nothing to begin the bankruptcy process with a free consultation. Let us help you restore your financial health. The Chicago bankruptcy lawyers at the Bentz Holguin Law Firm maintain the highest professional standards and provides quality legal services at a reasonable cost. If you need to file for bankruptcy or simply need to know if it’s right for you, contact the Bentz Holguin Law Firm today and schedule a free consultation online or by calling 312-647-2116.

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