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Chicago IRS Tax Settlement Lawyer

An Offer in Compromise lets you reach an agreement with the IRS to pay less than you owe, often substantially less. However, not all taxpayers qualify. An Offer in Compromise hinges on factors such as the taxpayer’s age, income, health, assets, and liabilities. These items are evaluated to determine a taxpayer’s eligibility for an Offer in Compromise and the amount the IRS will accept under that Offer. In the Chicago area, if you need to reach a compromise with the IRS, speak right away with an experienced Chicago IRS tax settlement lawyer at the Bentz Holguin Law Firm. We will perform a comprehensive financial evaluation to determine if you qualify for an Offer in Compromise, and we will help you obtain it.

Who Qualifies In Compromise?

There are three types of Offers in Compromise:

1. Doubt as to Collectability: If a taxpayer cannot pay his or her taxes in full, he or she may qualify for an Offer in Compromise. We determine if you are eligible for this type of Offer. If so, we then determine what amount the IRS may accept.

2. Doubt as to Liability: Doubt as to Liability may be available if the amount the IRS seeks to collect from you is inaccurate.

3. Effective Tax Administration: When you have the ability to pay your taxes in full, but to do so would mean substantial hardship, an Offer in Compromise may be available to you.

Scores Of Satisfied Clients

The IRS accepts Offers in Compromise not only from individuals, but also from businesses. The experienced Chicago IRS tax settlement lawyers the Bentz Holguin Law Firm have routinely obtained Offers in Compromise over the years for scores of clients in and around the Chicago area. If you want and need to settle quickly with the IRS, we may be able to obtain an Offer in Compromise for you.

Our Chicago IRS tax settlement lawyers handle your case personally; you aren’t handed off to an assistant, and you never become just another case number. Our lawyers maintain the highest professional standards; provides quality legal services at a reasonable cost; and works with all parties involved to bring your tax concerns to the best possible resolution. Contact the Bentz Holguin Law Firm today and schedule a free consultation online or call 312-647-2116.

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